Conference Venue

Katuaq - Culturehouse of Greenland
Imaneq 21
3900 Nuuk

Conference Language

The conference language is English.

Social programme & tours

Tour to the Greenland Ice Sheet Margin (610 DKK) – 7 September 
A half-day trip from Kangerlussuaq to the Greenland ice sheet margin, which will include a 1-2 hour walk on the ice, demonstrating the various glacier surface- and marginal habitats. The tour starts at 14.00 am on 7 September from Kangerlussuaq. Tickets for this tour can be purchased at 610 DKK through the online registration. More practical information will be sent to all participants of the tour.

The tour start and end at the Hotel Kangerlussuaq. Adress; Hotel Kangerlussuaq, Postboks 1006, 3910 Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

NB! This tour is great fit if you are planning to travel through Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk for the conference. Please be aware that you will need to book your own flight tickets from Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk or/and vice versa.

Welcome reception - 8 September
The welcome reception will be held at the conference venue Katuaq, and it will be an excellent opportunity to catch up with old and new colleagues. Drinks and canapes will be served and participants will have the chance to enjoy live music by a local band playing popular music. The welcome reception is included in the registration fee.

Conference dinner - 11 September
The conference dinner will be held at Katuaq and will be an evening of good food in the company of fellow conference participants.

Tour to Nuuk Basic and Kobbefjorden - 12 September
The tour will be a half day boat trip from Nuuk to the Nuuk Basic research station in Kobbefjord. This is an interdisciplinary ecological monitoring station, where impact of climate change on terrestrial and marine ecosystems is studied. You can find more information about the station here: The tour will include a guided tour giving an introduction to main research activities at the station, a return boat trip (approx. 30 min. each way) and free tea and coffee during the boat trip. There will be some free time to explore the area. Tickets can be purchased at 750 DKK (incl. VAT) via the online registration.
Departure from ”Tidevandstrappen” at the industrial harbour in Nuuk

NB! Please note that all the mentioned tours may be cancelled at short notice due to poor/dangerous weather conditions. Should this occur, participants will get their tickets reimbursed.

How to get to Nuuk, Greenland

You can fly directly to Nuuk in West Greenland or to one of the main international airports  Narsarsuaq in South Greenland. You can fly from selected airports in Iceland, Denmark or Canada.

From Iceland

  • Reykjavik Airport (REK): Air Iceland flies to Narsarsuaq in summer and Ilulissat in both summer and winter. Air Iceland also offers year-round service to Nuuk and Kulusuk.
  • Keflavík International Airport (KEF): Air Greenland flies to Nuuk from March to October.  

From Denmark

  • Kastrup Airport (CHP) in Copenhagen: Air Greenland flies year-round to Kangerlussuaq and summer-only to Narsarsuaq. Flight times are around 4.5 hours to both places.

From Canada

  • Iqaluit Airport (YFB) in the Nunavut territory: Air Greenland recently started to offer a limited number of flights to Nuuk in summer.

To see flight timetables and baggage allowances, see or
We recommend flying from either Iceland or Denmark.
Airports in Greenland are quite small and arrival procedures are low-key compared to other destinations. Visa and passport requirements are similar to Denmark; the general rule is if you need a visa to visit Denmark, you would also need one for Greenland. You can get more information from your nearest Danish embassy or consulate.

Make your visit to Greenland a vacation

We recommend combining your attendance at PAM 2017 with a vacation in Greenland - especially if this is the first time you travel to Greenland.

List of travel agencies specialising in travels to Greenland: